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Podcast Guest: Mikey Rukus
Mikey Rukus is the maestro behind nearly all of AEW’s music – from this podcast to Dynamite to the upcoming All Elite General Manager game to all of the wrestlers’ entrance theme music! Mikey shares his journey to AEW along with what inspires his composition creativity. He’s got great stories about putting together Sting’s entrance, the Tribute for Mr. Brodie Lee, The Pinnacle’s theme (with its tip of the hat to the Four Horsemen), and Christian Cage’s debut. Mikey reveals which AEW talent was the first he composed a theme for, whose music was inspired by Sepultura, the late night texting that turned into one of his favorite theme mash-ups, and his first AEW “oh s@*t” moment. Thanks to our sponsor AEW Casino!  Download it now:
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