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Podcast Guest: QT Marshall
QT Marshall might be a heel on AEW DYNAMITE, but he’s one of the hardest working and nicest guys behind the scenes at AEW. Hear how he went from Cody’s assistant to Tony Khan’s right-hand TV man as well as the role that his Nightmare Factory training facility played on DYNAMITE during the early days of the pandemic. QT also talks about his multi-functional bowling shirts, why he sits on the steps during The Factory’s wrestling matches and on-screen moments, which female wrestler he’d love to add to The Factory, his personal relationship with Diamond Dallas Page, and what he learned tagging with Dustin Rhodes as the Natural Nightmares. Plus, QT shares the story behind the documentary, “The Wrestler: A QT Marshall Story,” and the valuable lesson it taught him about life and the business. Thanks to our sponsor AEW Casino!  Download it now:
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