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Podcast Guest: The Bunny
Allie aka The Bunny from The Butcher, The Blade and The Bunny, did commentary for the first Double Or Nothing PPV, was out buying Oreos (shocking!) when she got the call about wrestling her first singles match for AEW, and owes part of The Bunny’s character to horror movies! Allie explains why it’s so special (and lucky) to be working alongside her real-life husband (The Blade) and one of her best friends (The Butcher), what it was like teaming with Brandi Rhodes in the Nightmare Sisters, and how she’s enjoying working with Matt Hardy. Plus, she speaks to the influence her dad had on her wrestling career, and the importance of openly talking about mental health issues including anxiety and depression. She also reveals her initial hatred for the Cherry Bomb gimmick, her favorite horror movies, her dream wrestling match partner, and who tops the list of people she’d like to do an Oreo taste-test with. Thanks to our sponsor AEW Casino!  Download it now:
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